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Assist the al jazeera television in China week of television news stories [2006-11-7]
       On May 31, 2006 solstice on June 9, to assist the al jazeera television in Beijing, and badaling Great Wall and other places of the hotel, recording news stories. On May 31, recording program at Beijing hotel, on June 1, recorded at badaling Great Wall program, June 2-7 in junwangfu hotel, to live uplink transmission signal, on June 8 in junwangfu hotel live signal upward and program recording, June 9 at the badaling Great Wall program recording work...
Our company finance department in 2005 won the second prize in the financial analysis appraisal corporation system [2006-11-7]
       On April 29, 2006, the company 2005 annual financial appraisal analysis meeting held in ching men head office building nine layers. Our company finance department won the second prize in the competition. The comparison is the head office to the seventh annual financial analysis comparison, in 2005, a total of five divisions, 15 affiliated companies, a total of more than 60 companies took part in the financial analysis. The present administration of gold bac ninh, CCTV liu guoliang chief accountant, director of the Taiwan office of finance and economics make two spring and corporation general manager li...
Signal transmission service for the Shanghai cooperation organization summit [2006-11-7]
      On June 10, 2006 to June 15, international conference center, the Oriental pearl tower in Shanghai news center and Shanghai grand theatre, respectively by telecom cable sent to Shanghai telecom machine room; Again by the telecom room through fiber optic cable to China central television (CCTV), for the media to provide international public signals. At the same time in the Oriental pearl tower 18 meters platform for CCTV1, 4, 9 units unilateral broadcast signal and Iranian television services. And for CCTV channel department to provide services...
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