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      News Uplink and Downlink-- we have established professional radio and television signal transmission machine room through good cooperation with CCTV, we are able to receive and send analog, standard—quality digital and high—quality digital television signals. We offer news material uplink service to global media located in Beijing to enable their signals to link to the transmission machine room through cable. In our machine room, you will see various kinds of broadcast, record and play equipments such as Betecam SP、Betecam SX、IMX、DVCAM、digital Betecamadn DVCPRO. In addition, we also possess the capability of satellite signal downlink transmission to meet media's needs of programs downlink.

      Live Broadcast-- world leading lights, sound console and digital video equipments as well as the convenient geographic position in JianGuoMen can guarantee good performance of live broadcast with news background image, world leading technique equipments and excellent technique staff. We have already been providing live broadcasting service to foreign media for over 100 hours.

      Edit-- our transmission machine room possesses the capability of linearity—edit. We are able to provide Betecam SX、Betecam SP、DVCPRO、DVCAM and digital Betecam editing service.

      Professional Dubbing Room-- our machine room also possesses a special sound insulation area used for same—term dubbing of news material where we offer recorder, dubbing microphone and other relevant equipments.

      Broadcasting Studio-- in our transmission room you also can see a 40-meter small scale broadcasting studio with optional background and 8-line-digit digital switcher panel. The studio is used to live broadcast single—person, double—person programs and interviews.

      Commentator Seat Broadcast-- Responsible for all commentator seat broadcasting for domestic and foreign media. We provide commentator seat public aerial signal observation, IDD、ISDN application, comment voice back—transmission and other technique as well as coordinating service. Big events we are involved in include: 2004 Asian Football Cup, ShangHai F1 tournament in 2004 and 2005, 2005 ShangHai world PingPong contest, and 2005 world non—professional boxing tournament etc.

      Live Unilateral Interview-- we assist CCTV to provide on—camera service to overseas media journalists in big sport games and emergency news events. The services we offer right now include light, IDD application and digital video as well as other relevant live broadcasting equipments. At present the big sport games we have been involved in are 2004 Asian Football Cup, ShangHai F1 tournament in 2004 and 2005, and 2006 ShangHai short—pool swim tournament etc.

      Broadcasting Equipment for Rent-- we provide satellite vehicles and cable for rent, public and unilateral signal's uplink service to foreign media in big sport games and emergency news events through good cooperation with CCTV. We took our satellite vehicles and cable line for rent in 2004 Asian Football Cup, ShangHai F1 tournament in 2004 and 2005, 2005 ShangHai world PingPong contest, and several rounds of six--party talks in Beijing etc.

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