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      Construction of Satellite-Ground Station--  we possess the capability of undertaking satellite—ground station’s construction, relevant equipments and material's model—select and purchase as well as system integrating project of satellite—ground station. We have established a very good cooperation relationship with many main manufacturers of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation NO.54th and 39th research institutes. In 2006 we have completed the huge project of purchasing equipments and integrating systems of four newly built satellite—ground stations (a 7.5m C/Ku waveband, a 6.2m C waveband, a 3m C waveband, and a 3m Ku waveband.) besides, all the testing results did meet the national technology standard, receiving a high praise from both leaders and employees of satellite—ground station.
      Satellite-Ground Station Maintenance-- we began to undertake CCTV satellite—ground station(20 in total, 2 uplink stations and 18 downlink stations) maintenance business since 2002, now we have already accumulated much experiences in maintaining satellite—ground station in five years. Concerning about satellite—ground station’s different aspects such as machine driving part, servo system, aerial feedback system, aerial precise position, aerial general appearance, and relevant electronic equipments etc, we have set effective maintenance schemes in different season and put them into practice, ensuring the 20 satellite—ground stations inside CCTV running smoothly.
      Satellite-Ground Station Signal-Receiving Performance Test--  we began to test the SNR(Signal Noise Ratio) of satellite—ground station receiving satellite beaconing and programs signals every month since 2005, in this way we can find the problems as soon as possible by analyzing all the testing data, then we can maintain equipments before fault emerges instead of maintaining them after fault appears passively. As a result, the fault rate will go down quickly. In the future we will further expand our testing items and scope, better master the satellite—ground station running condition in detail precisely and try our best to ensure the fault—rate down to zero.
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