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    Established in April 1999, under the supervision of CITVC (China International Television Corporation), China International TV Corporation Huan Ya Satellite Transmission co., Ltd. as a stock—holding system enterprise with independent corporation qualification, with 2 million registration fee, is a new high--tech enterprise approved by Beijing Science and Technology Commission. At the beginning of company's establishment, we already got the approval of "implement business of Radio and TV satellite transmission" authorized by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television and "road operation approval" authorized by Beijing Municipal Transportation Management Bureau; In 2003, we also got the "Beijing municipal CATV station, public aerial design, and installation license" and "Beijing municipal ground signal—receiving facilities installation license" authorized by the Beijing Administration Bureau of Radio Film and Television.
    Our satellite transmission business mainly focuses on foreign media. Business Model: we not only have the fixed satellite transmission injection point, but also undertake temporary broadcast transmission business. Company's injection point is located in diplomacy mansion JianGuoMen Street, where our foreign media can conveniently reach. We possess all kinds of transmission equipments in our machine room which is pretty clean, commodious and comfortable. We also undertake various kinds of temporary transmission business and provide transmission service to the Chinese media and foreign media reporting in china. Besides, we have a high—quality, high—performance technical service team. Excellent service and good technical conditions have helped us gain a great reputation from the overseas media with which we have a very good and friendly relationship.
At present our aerial maintenance business mainly targets on CCTV uplink and downlink aerial maintenance as well as CCTV newly—built aerials installation and test work.
    Our equipments transportation is mainly to meet the needs when CCTV's large--scale overseas broadcast activities are held. Based on our own operating cargo vehicles, we cooperate with many leading enterprises in land shipping, ocean shipping and air shipping. Apart from providing regular highway transportation services, we also provide high—quality transportation coordinating services among land shipping, ocean shipping and air shipping so as to meet different transportation needs.
    Company General Manager: Wang Hui, Office, Financial Department, HR Department, Transmission Department, Transportation Safeguard Department.
    We have been developing rapidly with innovation and actively expanding our business scope. Along with market economy and Radio, Film and Television career developing, our company has reflected a very promising picture of huge market potential and a splendid development outlook.
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